Company overview

Beder Dairy and Meat Company was established by the sole trader Jama Omar Abdalla and was the first, nontraditional farmyard animal rearing business in Somalia, camels were kept in rearing centers from birth to fully grown milk giving animals, where they were provided with food, water and frequent medical checkups.

First center was established in Guricel on February-2006, central Somalia where up to 4 camels were kept in animal husbandry center, to test whether camels can be adapted to domestic, indoor animal rearing. The test showed good results, the camel gave more milk, gained more weight and become healthier compared to the natural camel herd, and our products were favored by all types of users, and our sales grow from day-to-day.

Current numbers of animals are as follows:
• Camel: 1230 camels; 65% female, 35% male
• Goats: 220 goats; 95% male, and 5% female

Beder Dairy and Meat Company want to be the premier supplier of fresh and healthy animal products in Somalia.

Our main purpose of establishment and existence is to supplying natural local animal products to both local and international markets.

Our core values

  1. Fresh and high quality farm product for all consumers.
  2.  Prompt and reliable delivery.
  3. Guinness and faithfulness
  4.  Customer need valuing